Snap Fitness launches first NZ franchise in Papanui

Snap Fitness

Catering for the international trend of smaller format affordable gyms, where people can join without being locked into a membership contract, Snap Fitness has opened its first New Zealand gym in Papanui, Christchurch.

Providing an alternative to big box health club concepts, Snap Fitness was launched in 2003 and has become the fastest growing international fitness franchise, with 2000 gyms worldwide. Driving this demand are convenient locations, affordable memberships and very high quality equipment.

The franchise has been brought to New Zealand by Kiwi fitness professional and ex-NZ Junior Warrior Korey Gibson. Papanui had instant appeal to Gibson who says the vibrant business community mixed with a great residential area, made Papanui a stand out choice when looking for New Zealand’s first Snap Fitness location.

“Snap is about convenience – we need to be located near people’s homes and work so they can visit the gym at a time that suits them. Without a long drive, it makes your gym visit quicker and easier. Our experience at Papanui shows Snap has been particularly popular with hospitality and shift workers,” says Gibson.

Customers get access to the Snap Fitness gym 24-hours a day with a personalised swipe card at secure, fully monitored premises. It means people can work out 24/7, 365 days a year – and they can also have a personal trainer to help them with their fitness goals.

The biggest attraction for many clients is the affordable membership pricing from $11.50 per week. Compared with the standard $20-30 per week in bigger format gyms that offer full facilities such as swimming pools and daycare centres, Snap Fitness focuses on state-of-the-art workout equipment in a compact, no fuss environment.

Gibson says Snap’s international experience shows that being tied into fixed term gym contracts puts a lot of people off joining. “People recognise good value and, with no membership contracts, Snap is the obvious choice for people who only want to pay for what they use. When you join Snap Fitness, you simply pay a weekly fee for as long as you wish to be there. Want to stop your payments while you’re on fortnight’s holiday – just let us know.”

Speaking of travelling, Snap Fitness membership is automatically reciprocal with its 2000 gyms worldwide. So for a business person travelling to Australia regularly, there’s no need to suspend your membership – just pack the gym gear and use any one of Snap’s gyms says Gibson. Plans are underway for at least 30 Snap locations throughout New Zealand in the next year and 300 across Australia and New Zealand in the next five years.

Gibson’s decision to bring Snap Fitness to New Zealand was a simple one. Having been involved in the fitness industry for the last 10 years in Australia, he was familiar with the various franchise options available. He recognised the Snap Fitness model as a great opportunity for people to own their own business and it provided excellent finance options available to franchisees for the equipment.

As a one-time professional rugby league player and NZ number one titleholder for lightweight mixed martial arts, Gibson was looking for a business that could deliver a high quality training experience to his clients and he found that with Snap Fitness.

To meet Korey Gibson and the team at Snap Fitness, visit 7 Horner Street
Christchurch Phone: (03) 9433638.