Snap Nation in the News - Week of August 15

Breaking Barriers and Breaking Ground

Snap Fitness

Going Global


Many people would consider giving up on yoga after fainting during their first class. Not Snap Fitness member Chelsea Jackson Roberts. 


Not only did she keep going with the ancient practice, but since that time she’s become a certified yoga teacher, earned a PhD in education, founded Yoga, Literature, and Art camp, racked up over 46,000 Instagram followers, and was even cast in Janelle Monae’s “Yoga” music video, which has been viewed over 50 million times! 


And if all of that wasn’t impressive enough, Chelsea also became the first African American global yoga ambassador for Lululemon.


In an interview with the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Chelsea talks about changing lives through yoga and credits her Snap Fitness trainer, Inman Park, for helping her discover her strength. 


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A New Venture


Entrepreneur, Chris Riffe will always “go big” when the opportunity presents itself. And he means it. 


As a longtime business owner, Riffe has been looking to invest in a new venture and he’s recently found it in Snap Fitness. Riffe is planning on opening up not just his first club, but three brand new locations! Two will be opening in Tyler, Texas and the third in Waco, Texas. 


For the fitness enthusiast, running a Snap Fitness club seemed like the next logical move. 


“I’ve been going to the gym for the last seven years,” Riffe said. “I enjoy the culture and atmosphere. I've seen other people undergoing change and I connected with people who change. I'm a people person.”

At Snap Fitness, Riffe feels he’s found a place to make a healthy investment. We couldn’t agree more.