Snap Fitness and Kettlebell Kitchen: A Partnership to Promote Sustainable Wellness

Evolving the way you eat and workout

Snap Fitness

When you eat nutritious food, you feel good inside. When you work out, you feel better physically. When you combine the two, you evolve. That’s why Snap Fitness has teamed up with Kettlebell Kitchen for the month of April — we want to see new members take on healthy habits to last a lifetime.


For Snap Fitness, working with a trusted and growing company like Kettlebell Kitchen just feels like a natural pairing.


“We’re partnering with Kettlebell Kitchen to bring in nutritional expertise that addresses the busy consumer on the go who doesn't have time or interest in cooking,” said Tom Welter, Chief Operating Officer of Snap Fitness. “They offer a great product with national reach and healthy variations to suit every lifestyle need.”


What makes Kettlebell Kitchen unique is that they provide high-quality, nutritious meals delivered right to your door. Without having to cook, you’ll save time on food preparation and cleanup, while still getting all the nutrients you need to achieve your fitness goals. Through their innovative approach to meal preparation, they’re quickly changing the way people look at eating healthy.


“Our mission is to change lives through food,” Kettlebell Kitchen CEO, Joe Lopez-Gallego said. “That’s why we offer meal plans tailored to our customers’ goals, whether that be losing weight, gaining muscle, or committing to a paleo diet.”


Providing targeted nutrition to achieve specific fitness goals is an effective and forward-thinking approach to food and fitness. Made with the health-conscious and active consumer in mind, Kettlebell provides delicious meals without any unnecessary additives.


“We design our meals around a variety of whole, nutrient-dense ingredients,” said Lopez-Gallego. “Our food is free of dairy, soy, and artificial sugars, and all of the ingredients we use are naturally free of gluten.”


It’s simple. Living a healthy lifestyle isn’t about any single factor. Combining the benefits of exercise, nutrition, and mental health are what help produce happiness and wellness in everyday life.


“We believe that in order to achieve long-term results, it’s important that our members are provided with not just physical fitness resources and support, but also address their nutrition and promote mindfulness,” said Welter. “Addressing these three pillars of health, our members will not only see great, long-term results, but they’ll stay with Snap Fitness because of our dedication to their well-being.”


And that’s why supplementing your diet with chef-prepared Kettlebell Kitchen meals and utilizing our Snap Fitness membership compliment each other so well.


If you’ve never been a Snap Fitness member, now is a fantastic time to start and begin your personal evolution. During the month of April, when you sign up with Snap Fitness and order three weeks of Kettlebell Kitchen meals, you’ll receive $100 off your fourth week of meals. Don’t wait to start establishing a lifestyle of sustainable wellness.