2019 Fitness Trends: What to Expect in the New Year

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The new year is fast approaching, and the fitness trends that dominated 2018 are finding their way into the upcoming trends of 2019, but there are certainly some significant changes. 2018 saw trends like HIIT workouts, boxing, and functional fitness become a major selling point across the board. The fitness industry continues to grow and is going to be bigger than ever this coming year, with a few key trends being the most prominent.


So what does 2019 look like for the fitness world?


<h2> Sustainable Fitness Lifestyles

Fitness trends may remain familiar year to year, but the focus in 2019 is around the concept of sustainable fitness. The idea behind sustainable fitness is that health comes from more than just physical exercise; it encompasses physical health, mental health, and proper nutrition.


The new general consensus for those heading to the gym is that they want to feel better and healthier living their everyday lives. Losing weight, gaining muscle or training for something specific are no longer the largest driving factors. This also means that providing options that are accessible to the consumer on their own schedule and their terms is necessary in giving everyone an opportunity to build sustainable, healthy habits that they can turn into a lifestyle.


<h2> HIIT

High intensity interval training, or HIIT, has held strong as one of the top fitness trends since roughly 2014. HIIT gained popularity among fitness enthusiasts because it offers tangible results in a shorter amount of time. It appeals to gym goers that are looking to exercise and train more effectively. Most HIIT workouts are 30 minutes or less, making them both effective and convenient.


HIIT is considered a new trend for 2019 because it has actually been around so long that we are starting to see some unique offerings among gym owners, which is why it stays so relevant. HIIT became a workout that wasn’t being designed to fit all body types and fitness levels, so the fitness industry started to fill in the gaps to find ways to make HIIT available to everyone. Ultimately the HIIT of 2019 is going to be more inclusive, safer, and more effective towards a broader audience.  


<h2> Wearable Technology

Heart rate training technology, calorie counters, step counters, etc are not new in the fitness industry. But using smartphones and other technology to track fitness progress is going to be even more significant in 2019, because the focus is going to be on tracking the right kind of data. Fitness sensor technology continues to improve faster than many of us can keep up, which means that what we’re tracking and how we’re tracking it will become as unique as our own bodies.  


This also means that members and trainers will be able to more effectively design fitness regimes with each person’s health and safety concerns in mind.


<h2> Personal Training Demand Increases

In recent years, personal training has increased in demand by consumers seeking a more personalized and convenient fitness experience. With the influx of new generations that are heading to the gym, many are looking to have their unique needs catered to. Which means that there is both a higher demand to employ instructors, and for instructors to receive quality training and certifications.


This leads to a better investment to offer potential members- the gym is not just a place to improve your health and wellness, but a health and wellness plan that is going to be customized to your unique needs.


<h2> Senior Fitness

Although the senior crowd is not new in the fitness world, there’s a large anticipation for seniors to flood the gyms due to the emphasis on creating more accepting gym environments. This is also due to the fact that gyms are offering more user friendly equipment and personal trainers that are providing specialized workouts that are custom to each member with their age and health taken into consideration.


The gym has also become a place for people to socially connect and create fitness groups, thus creating a more welcoming place for people of all ages including seniors.


Trends are changing fast, and this is only the beginning! What trends are you looking forward to in 2019?


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