Global Franchise Podcast: Ty Menzies and Andy Peat

A Family First Philosophy

Snap Fitness

Check out Ty Menzies and Andy Peat on the Global Franchise Podcast! 

Ty and Andy join Kieran McLoone, Global Franchise Podcast host, to talk about Lift Brand's family-first philosophy, how to have tough conversations when needed, and how to celebrate victories, big or small!

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Global Franchise Episode Details: 
Many franchise brands project a ‘family-first’ philosophy, but when the times get tough, do they have what it takes to have the tough conversations needed with franchisees – as well as celebrating the victories?  Ty Menzies, global CEO for Lift Brands, believes that Snap Fitness has exactly that. That’s what has allowed this 24/7 fitness provider to not only have thousands of sites open and in development around the world but also double-down on support for its growing network; as shown by the reacquisition of its U.K markets back in October of last year. 

 On this episode, we’re also joined by Andy Peat, chief product officer for Snap Fitness, to talk all things innovation. That means new tech, new consumer-facing approaches, and a consolidation of the brand’s learnings throughout the pandemic. It hasn’t been an easy road to walk, but perseverance has led to a year that could be the brand’s biggest yet.