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3:00 PM - 6:00 PM


11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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11:00 AM - 1:00 PM

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By appointment only

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Free Onsite Parking


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Brad and Lori Lockwood
Brett Haug
Personal Trainer
Candra Ricker
GRIT, Body Combat, and Body Pump instructor
Anita Hoy
Personal Trainer, Body Flow Instructor
Cindy Isabelle
Zumba Instructor
Samantha Lefleur
Bodycombat Instructor
Elvir "EJ" Jandric
Personal Trainer
Personal Trainer/Front Desk/Group Fitness Instructor
Michelle Collins
Fitness Instructor

Club Message

Snap Fitness Members,

We are excited to announce that the doors to our clubs will be open 24/7.  We have taken a lot of time to ensure that we have proper spacing between our equipment and have a list of guidelines for the successful re-opening of our facility.

Common Questions & Answers-

  1. What is happening with billing?
  • Billing has been turned back on for month to month memberships and you will see the charge process over the next few days.
  1. Are you requiring members to wear masks?
  • Sometimes:  We are requiring members to wear masks, however, you only need a mask on when moving from machine to machine or from workout area to workout area. When you are working out you do not need a mask on.
  1. What about Group Fitness Classes?
  • We are currently very limited on live instructed group fitness classes.  We are working on ways in which we can still offer group fitness classes but at this time we don’t feel it’s responsible to offer these classes at the present time with space and capacity restrictions.  We do have our virtual classes in our group fitness room on our Fitness on Demand and so please feel free to utilize that during this time.
  1. What steps is Snap Fitness taking to ensure member safety with COVID-19?
  • We are following a strict check list with regards to sanitizing the equipment and commonly touched areas in our gyms. We will be asking our members to help with this by wiping equipment down before and after use.
  • We have our equipment and machines arranged in a way that conforms to the social distancing of 6 Feet. We encourage our members to be mindful and respectful of other members and their distance while working out.
  • We are offering more sanitizing spray for the sanitizing of equipment that our members use and are ensuring we have wipes to wipe down the machines and equipment being used.
  • We are keeping our showers closed for the purpose of taking a shower and ONLY available for members to use as a space to change in.
  • We have an absolutely NO GUEST policy in which non-members are NOT to be permitted in our facility and any member who allows a non-member access to our facility will have their membership privileges with us revoked.  We will sign up new members but anyone coming into the gym MUST be a member.
  • ALL members need to swipe their access cards upon coming to the gym so in the event we need to perform contact tracing we are able to do so and can determine who a person had contact with while at our facility.
  • We are NOT allowing members from outside Vermont who don’t currently live in Vermont with the exception of people who are here for an extended period of time and who have been quarantined for up to 14 days prior to coming into our facility.


*****Thanks Again to all our Loyal Members for standing beside us and by continuing to support us during this extremely difficult time. We truly do appreciate each and every one of you and are looking forward to seeing you back at our facility*****