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A Ms. Health and Fitness Nomination, the Fountain of Youth, and More!

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Ms. Health and Fitness Nomination


It hasn’t been an easy journey for Aimee Sinclair. 


After battling through some hurdles in life, she found herself working two jobs to support her child and try and make ends meet. Times were rough. Thankfully, she found something that helped her turn her life around.


Through fitness, Aimee found a new passion in life and started to turn her life around. While more bad luck followed  — a blood clot that left her in the hospital for a week and a concussion from a car accident — she credits her change in health to saving her life. She was even able to turn her passion into a career after becoming a full-time trainer at Snap Fitness. 


Most impressively, Aimee was recognized for all her hard work after being nominated for Ms. Health and Fitness 2019. It’s an inspiring story and shows the life-changing benefits of fitness. 


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The Fountain of Youth 


You don’t have to be Ponce de León to go searching for the fountain of youth. Though apparently, it may already be found.


Snap Fitness owner Tim Garrett wrote an article for The Manchester Times about the exercise that can help slow down (or potentially reverse) the effects of aging. Referencing an article from the Mayo Clinic, Tim touts the benefits of high intensity interval training (or HIIT), which can “change a cell’s DNA in a way that boosted the muscle’s ability to produce energy.”


Another awesome benefit is that HIIT can help you get hooked on exercise! People enjoy pushing themselves and tend to stick with exercises they find challenging and rewarding. So not only is HIIT fun, but the benefits can be incredible. 


Congrats to Snap Fitness Owner Tim on contributing such great information to the fitness community!


Read the full article at The Manchester Times.



Snap Fitness member Robin Gudal recently wrote about her incredibly positive experience with her Snap Fitness personal trainer Annie in the Albert Lea Tribune


Robin coined the term “dyslexercise” to explain moving in the wrong direction for a movement in her workout. Hey, we’ve all been there! Luckily, Robin sees the humor in situations like that as it helps bring an extra dose of humor to her day. 


Besides the laughter, Trainer Annie helps challenge Robin in her workouts, provides encouragement, as well as the motivation she needs to reach her goals. Overall, it sounds like the two make a good pairing and they’ll be together for some time to come. 


As Robin put it, “I love my Annie! She may be stuck with me for life.”


Read the full article at Albert Lea Tribune

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