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In-person site visits across the U.S.

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Now and then, you just get the urge to break out and hit the open road. But at Snap Fitness, our road trips aren’t about relaxing or checking out the best local restaurants. Our team is travelling across the U.S. to see firsthand how franchisees are running their gyms.


Dubbed “roadshows”, our team takes off from our corporate headquarters in Chanhassen, Minnesota to visit dozens of clubs in different markets every spring. From California to Texas to the East Coast, we want to get an in-person experience of what’s going on around Snap Nation. These visits offer the perfect opportunity to provide insight, listen to feedback, and develop stronger connections with our franchisees.


“We want to make sure our franchisees have the tools they need to grow their business,” said Mike Vaught, the West Regional Director/Director of Personal Training and Program Development.


During these visits, the Snap Fitness team and the franchisee owners discuss a variety of topics including real estate, local competition, staffed hours, club condition and appearance, and discuss possible opportunities for growth. Our team then provides their knowledge and experience to start discovering new ways to encourage lead generation and improve operations and marketing strategies. From there, a custom game plan is developed for each owner to take their business to the next level.


The most important thing about roadshows is for Snap Fitness owners to know there’s a team out there dedicated to helping them at any point along their journey.


“I want people to know that I’m not just an email from the office,” Vaught said. “The owners actually get to meet us, and they’re like ‘Wow, this is what you guys are capable of doing and helping us out?’ It’s about building trust.”


What the Snap Fitness team has discovered while visiting hundreds of different clubs is that the feedback has been incredibly positive.


“They love it. They absolutely love it.” Vaught said about the owners. “They have said it really opened up their eyes. We build really good relationships during the roadshows. It gets real when you get to see us face-to-face. It’s not an email. It’s not a phone call. It’s a real person.”


As Snap Fitness continues to move forward and expand, roadshows will become an increasingly important part of our business model. We want to continue establishing stronger relationships with our franchisees, and there’s no better way to do that than by in-person visits with the hardworking and passionate franchise owners across the country.


If you’re interested in owning your own Snap Fitness gym, reach out to our team to get started.

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