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To celebrate Snap Fitness’ 15th Anniversary, we wanted to do something special for the hard-working franchisees who helped make it all possible. Over the next few months, we’ll be shining a spotlight on a few of these franchisees and sharing their stories! 


We caught up with multi-unit owners Azim and Sharon Punjani from Texas who recently signed an agreement to open another location. Azim shares why they felt this was the perfect time to expand their business. 

Snap Fitness (SF): How many Snap Fitness locations do you currently own? When did you open your first?


Azim: In 2011 I bought my first club, where I had been working as a trainer, at the age of 27. The 2,000 sq ft club only had about 177 memberships. It was losing money. The rent was $4,000. Two years after I took over, we had a consistent membership base of 400 members. Using this experience and a positive mindset, I was able to open two new clubs (4,100 sq. ft.) from scratch within three years. At that time, owning 3 clubs, Snap Fitness Corporate did an interview with me for being the youngest effective franchisee.


SF: Awesome! What made you choose Snap Fitness when you wanted to first start a gym?


Azim: I was working as a trainer at Snap Fitness. This was straight from Texas A&M University with a Kinesiology Degree and minors in Communication and Psychology. My full-time work was at Verizon Wireless as a Corporate Fitness Coach. As a part-time trainer at Snap Fitness, I realized how absent the staff were during business hours and that they were missing out on prospects. When I heard that the owner wanted to sell the place, I jumped at the opportunity and started changing lives.


SF: Where are you planning on opening up your next Snap Fitness club?


Azim: Katy, TX sometime in 2019. 



SF: What are some of the transformation/success stories you’ve seen in your gym? And what are you most proud of as a Snap Fitness owner? 


Azim: We’ve had members who lost over 100 lbs., we have members who became bodybuilders and one of them placed 15th in the world in Arnold Classics shows. Results. Results. Results! 


We are very proud of three things: Results, Snap Culture within the club and Service.


SF: Very cool to hear! After the success you’ve seen so far with your clubs, what are some of your goals over the next few years?


Azim: Currently, my wife quit her full-time job at an accounting firm and joined me at Snap Fitness. The extra support is helping us expand, for sure. In the next couple of years I want to get land of my own and build a Snap Fitness on it or transfer one of my clubs to it. Secondly, we would like to open two or more locations in the next 2-3 years. 


Again, congrats to Azim & Sharon for expanding their fitness empire! We can’t wait to see where the next club takes you!  


If you’re looking to get started with Snap Fitness or expand your business and open up another Snap Fitness location, email and see how you can begin changing lives in your own markets! 

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