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Heart rate training is the key to seeing results in your fitness journey. Myzone wearable heart rate training is the most accurate and innovative technology on the market. You can see your progress in real time on the club screens and make sure you’re hitting the right zones at the right time and training smarter not harder. Combine that with our daily MYFIT high intensity workouts, and you’re on the path to see real results.


Six packs don’t just come from the gym, they start in the kitchen. Your protein shaker bottle is not only ideal for before/after workout nutrition, but works for meal replacements and busy lifestyles too. With each Fit Kit you’re provided with both a protein shaker bottle and a few tips on the best way to utilize it for your workouts and your daily nutrition needs. Bonus recipes also included!


Start your fitness journey off strong with a free fitness assessment and customized workout plan from one of our Wellness Coaches. Visit your local Snap Fitness and start your journey out right with a comprehensive fitness assessment including heart rate zone testing, personalized nutrition tips, and a workout plan designed specifically for you.

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