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5 Pre-Workout Foods to Boost Your Energy For The Gym

You've been hitting the gym for some time. You're making it part of your regular routine and putting in the ho...

Dangers of a Low-Fat Diet

Fat isn't good for you. Right? That's at least been the conventional wisdom over the past few decades. But the...

Blackberry Mint Spritzer

Is there anything better than kicking back on a warm summer day with family and friends? Actually yes, by addi...

The Ultimate Dip Guide

At Snap Fitness, we take National Pretzel Day (April 26) pretty seriously. After all, there's just nothing bet...

Sweet Summer Smoothie

Strawberry and mango, a great-tasting combination that doesn't get enough attention. It's time to fix that! Wi...

Spring Strawberry Salad

Looking for an easy to make lunch packed with vitamins and antioxidants? Try our arugula salad with a homemade...

4 Workout Moves to Tone Your Arms

Everyone wants strong, toned arms. They're not only great for showing off at the beach, but they help you feel...

Spring Power Bowl

Spring is in the air and we're ready to celebrate! To kick the season off right, our power bowl provides extra...

#SNAPNATION Success: Lindsay Monreal

Weight has been something I have always struggled with. In fact, I couldn't tell you when I felt comfortable i...

Introducing FUNKtional Fitness Classes

At Snap Fitness, we're always looking to stay ahead of the latest trends in the fitness industry. Over the yea...

Birthday Cake Protein Balls

Snap Fitness is turning 15! That means we're only one year away from being able to legally drive. Until then,...

How to Become a Morning Person

We've all heard the saying "the early bird gets the worm" countless times. Probably too many. We've also read...

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