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4 Workout Moves to Tone Your Arms

Everyone wants strong, toned arms. They're not only great for showing off at the beach, but they help you feel...

HIIT Workout Myths

It's always a great time to start a new workout or fitness regime, and with the variety of fitness options the...

Wait, This Is Bad For Me?

We all know that living a healthy lifestyle is a combination of physical activity and a healthy diet, but lo a...

Unleash The Power of Myzone

Heat rate training is not new, but living in the technological age means that we have more ways to track our f...

Staying Fit and Healthy During the Holidays

Holiday food is scary, right? No way! The consensus is to be terrified of weight gain around the holidays, but...

Run Like a Boss

Thinking of taking up running? Looking to become a better runner? Or did you perhaps unknowingly marry into a...

Benefits of Heart Rate Technology

Heart rate monitors have been on the market since 1983, so they're not exactly a new concept. However, over th...

Get Healthy With Chris Freytag!

We have a lot of #SNAPNATION members that follow fitness influencers on social media and bring their workouts...

I Tried Personal Training: Here’s What Happened

Personal training. Seems daunting right? A little intimidating? Only for celebrities or wealthy people? That's...


Workouts are brutal on your muscles, which is expected. However, a common misconception is that sore muscles a...

What are the Benefits of Personal Training?

The gym can be intimidating for many, especially if you're new to the fitness world. Wandering through the end...

HIIT | Weekly Max Meps Workout

"Nothing Truly Great Ever Came From A Comfort Zone." Raise your heart rate and earn Myzone MEPS with this...

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