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4 Workout Moves to Tone Your Arms

Everyone wants strong, toned arms. They're not only great for showing off at the beach, but they help you feel...

Introducing FUNKtional Fitness Classes

At Snap Fitness, we're always looking to stay ahead of the latest trends in the fitness industry. Over the yea...

Lucky Mint Protein Shake

Training kicks in when your luck runs out! Give our refreshing Mint Protein Shake a try after your next workou...

10 Recipes To Pack For Lunch

It's no secret that packing your lunch can save you time, calories, and money. It's just taking the time to pr...

HIIT Workout Myths

It's always a great time to start a new workout or fitness regime, and with the variety of fitness options the...

How To Set Goals and Keep Them

The New Year is here and it's common practice to set a resolution to start your year off on a positive note! W...

Unleash The Power of Myzone

Heat rate training is not new, but living in the technological age means that we have more ways to track our f...

Run Like a Boss

Thinking of taking up running? Looking to become a better runner? Or did you perhaps unknowingly marry into a...

Benefits of Heart Rate Technology

Heart rate monitors have been on the market since 1983, so they're not exactly a new concept. However, over th...

Keeping a Fitness Journal

Staying on track with your workouts and nutrition can be challenging for a variety of reasons- and if you're h...

Get Healthy With Chris Freytag!

We have a lot of #SNAPNATION members that follow fitness influencers on social media and bring their workouts...

Gym Etiquette 101: How To Be An A+ Gym Member

The gym is a public space, so the odds are you'll have to share it with other people from time to time. Howeve...

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