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5 Ways to Burn Calories When You Can’t Make it to the Gym

Regular exercise is an important part of our mental and physical health, however, finding time for a workout i...

30 Minute Cardio Workout

Want to burn fat and build muscle in just 30 minutes? We're assuming so, otherwise you probably wouldn't...

4 Ways to Quiet Your Mind during Yoga

International Yoga Day is here! Get ready to roll out your Yoga mat and work your way into your favorite pose....

5 Workout Recovery Tips

Feeling sore the day after a workout is a source of pride. It means you hit it hard in the gym and you're rebu...

10 Minute Ab Workout

In an ideal world, we'd all have six pack abs. Unfortunately, they take a lot of work to get! It seems that th...

The 500 Calorie Workout

Looking to burn 500 calories in a workout? That's a nice, impressive number. And while it's not easy (in fact,...

My Success Story

When I first joined Snap I didn't even use my membership. After a few months I realized it was ridiculous to b...

Dangers of a Low-Fat Diet

Fat isn't good for you. Right? That's at least been the conventional wisdom over the past few decades. But the...

4 Workout Moves to Tone Your Arms

Everyone wants strong, toned arms. They're not only great for showing off at the beach, but they help you feel...

Introducing FUNKtional Fitness Classes

At Snap Fitness, we're always looking to stay ahead of the latest trends in the fitness industry. Over the yea...

Lucky Mint Protein Shake

Training kicks in when your luck runs out! Give our refreshing Mint Protein Shake a try after your next workou...

10 Recipes To Pack For Lunch

It's no secret that packing your lunch can save you time, calories, and money. It's just taking the time to pr...

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