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2016-09-07 | By: Snap Fitness

We look to our horoscopes for advice on everything from dating to our career, but they often leave out an important facet of our lives: our fitness! We’ve laid out what workout you may find best for you based on the stars.



March 21-April 19

You enjoy hard workouts and cardio to relieve stress. Aries are very competitive and successful with achieving goals that they set themselves. Change up your routine often so that you don’t get bored. Try new exercises and activities such as cycling or sign up and train for a marathon!



April 20-May 20

You like a laid back and comfortable workout routine. Incorporate the outdoors in your fitness regimen. Jogging or power-walking outside once in a while will keep you fresh or a group activity where you can be social while working out is a great option for you. Music is also a pro tip to keep up your endurance so be sure to have a great playlist ready!



May 21-June 20

Be sure to focus on all aspects of your diet and workout routine. The more knowledge you have, the more dedicated that you will be. Having a fitness buddy can also make your workouts more enjoyable and motivate you to get moving!



June 21-July 22

Routine, routine, routine. Having a regularly scheduled workout plan is what works best for you. Yoga classes will bring you balance and keep you on track with your fitness goals.



July 23-August 22

Always in the spotlight, you do best when your workout feels like a performance. Try a dance studio or group fitness classes like Zumba that will bring fun and excitement to your workout!



August 23-September 22

Aim for any workout that allows you take your mind off of the small details of every day life. Core exercises will help to center your mind and body, and get you in touch with your gut and instincts. TRX classes would be another option that you may enjoy! 


September 23-October 22

Always seeking balance and peace, barre classes are the perfect fit for Libras. The focus on isolating muscles and firing them up will bring strength, balance, and grace.



October 23-November 21
You love the adrenaline rush and need a workout that will leave you feeling invigorated. Choose intense exercise routines that will strengthen your core and ignite your passion to work out. Water workouts or aqua boot camps are something you should give a shot!



November 22-December 21
You are great at multitasking and an athlete with great stamina, but you must be connected to your mind, body, and spirit. Try fusion classes that will push your physical and mental limits, while keeping you from getting bored!



December 22-January 19

You are dedicated and disciplined, so workouts that require endurance, patience, and precision work best for you. Try signing up for a marathon or take part in challenging classes such as SLT where you force your muscles to work at a slower pace to get the achievement you crave.



January 20-February 18

The most enjoyable workouts for you integrate teamwork. Team fitness classes are where you will excel, pushing you much harder than if you were to work out alone. Hit the gym and sign up for some group fitness classes!



February 19-March 20

In order to stay focused, try meditating or a relaxing yoga class. Water workouts will also help you to feel grounded, so consider giving aquacycling a try- a new detox workout that stimulates your entire lymphatic system.


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