Winter Workout Apparel Tips

Snap Fitness

While the temperature inside your club is always perfect for a workout, sometimes it can refreshing to get outside for a brisk winter run. But before you hit the icy roads, it’s important to make sure you’re dressed for the weather. That’s why we’re sharing three quick winter workout apparel tips to keep you warm and healthy all season long.

1) Check the temperature – Before you head out for a run, walk or any other outdoor activity, take a second to check the temperature, not just at the current moment but for the next hour or two, and remember to look at the wind chill too. You don’t want to be caught off-guard by colder-than-expected temps and find yourself underdressed, and a quick look at the forecast will help you plan the proper outfit for your outdoor endeavor.  

2) Dress in layers – When it comes to dressing for winter, it’s always better to be over prepared. Yes, your body is going to heat up once you start exercising, which means it’s going to feel a lot warmer outside. But once you stop, your body temperature will drop, leaving you cold, sweaty and shivering. By dressing in layers, you can strip away what you don’t need as your body warms up, or put them back on as your body cools down. This also includes face and head wear like hats, scarves, and masks.

3) Be seen – The sun sets a lot earlier in the winter, meaning it gets colder and darker sooner. Make sure you’re wearing bright and reflective gear before you head out running, especially if you’re going to be on public roads with vehicles and other exercisers. Being warm AND being seen are the top two safety tips to remember no matter what type of outdoor workout you’re preparing for.