What's Your Fit Workout | Free Weight Training : 45|15

Snap Fitness

The vision behind our ‘What’s Your Fit?’ campaign is fueled by our passion to help people to reach their goals and figure out what fitness means to them. By providing a supportive culture, we’re hoping communities feel inspired, while also having fun as they complete these full body workouts. 


As part of our ‘What’s Your Fit?’ campaign, expert trainers designed four free weight workouts. They are called free weight workouts because each exercise requires a mix of kettlebells, dumbbells and barbells. 


These workouts provide overall strength and build muscles by mimicking natural movements. Free weights also engage stabilizing muscles because you’re balancing the weight. This also improves your overall balance. These workouts can easily be downloaded as PDFs. Just click the link at the bottom of this post!


45-15: Push yourself for 45 seconds to complete as many quality reps. Rest for 15 seconds between each exercise. 10 total exercises and 3 circuits.


Click Here to Download the PDF Workout