What Not to Eat Pre-Workout

Snap Fitness

Despite certain foods being fantastic for your health and well-being, timing is equally essential to achieve a healthy balance and reach your goals. Make sure you avoid these four things pre-workout for maximum results. 

Citrus: If you have a delicate digestive system, the acid from fruits and juices can cause your stomach to get upset. Opt for a slice of lemon in your water post-workout instead. 

Fiber: Consuming too much fiber before your workout adds unnecessary bulk to your stomach and may start to cause stomach cramps and uncomfortable pain. 

Dairy: Too much dairy before you run or do any type of a high cardio workout can lead to congested airways. Leave the cheese and yogurt to snack on after your workout or during a different time of the day. 

Quantity: Always remember you'd like to "snack" before your workout and not have a complete meal. Aim for 200 calories that is a combination of protein and complex carbs about 30 minutes before you being your workout. 

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