Upper-Body Blow Out

Snap Fitness

This upper-body circuit works your shoulders, biceps, triceps, lats, traps, and chest (among many others). It’s important to work your upper body daily, as those muscles play key roles in good  posture and functional movements. In addition, your abs will feel the burn because you also use your stabilizer muscles during single-arm hammer curls and shoulder presses. This circuit targets all areas of the chest; doing wide push-ups and heavy-plate loaded chest press targets two different locations, so you get a more well-rounded chest exercise. 


Do this circuit two times:

Single arm hammer curls – two sets of 15

Single arm shoulder press – two sets of 15

Wide push-ups – two sets of 15

Heavy pull down machine – three sets of 10

Cable tricep extension – two sets of 15

Heavy chest press (plate loaded) – three sets of 10