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Unleash The Power of Myzone

2018-11-27 | By: Snap Fitness

Heat rate training is not new, but living in the technological age means that we have more ways to track our fitness than ever before. With the abundance of heart rate monitors on the market, finding the best model for you and your workouts can be challenging. But after speaking with some of the professionals there is one model that stands above the rest, and that’s Myzone.


<h2> Feel Good About Your Workout

Myzone is designed to do more than just monitor your progress, it’s designed to make every member feel good about every move they make. Myzone monitors heart rate, calories and time exercising that turns your workouts into a gamified experience. Your activity turns into Myzone Effort Points, or MEPs, which focuses on rewarding the effort you put into your workouts rather than strictly tracking the fitness itself.

Myzone uses wireless and cloud technology to monitor all activity with a 99.4% accuracy, and allows you to connect with other users, challenge each other, and provide an overall motivating experience while you continue on your fitness journey.


<h2> What Do Personal Trainers Say?

When shopping for a heart rate training belt, who better to trust than the experts? Personal trainers not only testify that Myzone is one of the premier heart rate belts on the market, but have begun designing their workouts to make sure their clients hit the right zones to get the best workout.


Kristina Sommer, a certified personal trainer for over ten years, says she incorporates Myzone into her clients’ goals every single time. “Our age of technology has blessed us with the ability to make your fitness goals a reality and can even add years to your life with proper cardiovascular training. Myzone couldn’t make it any easier with the in club technology, the app, and the collaborative culture it creates. Myzone will keep you motivated, work harder, push yourself and see REAL results,” she says. “I hear more often than not from people this isn’t their first attempt at weight loss or attempting to reach a fitness goal. In many cases it’s a constant yo-yo, and Myzone helps to end that cycle, allow you try something new, and of course to train smarter not harder. That’s the real key to seeing change.”


<h2> So how does it work?

We’ve covered the benefits of heart rate training- so how does Myzone actually work?


<h3> The 5 Zones

Myzone has five heart rate zones that indicate the level of effort required with each zone having different effects and benefits on your progress.  

Grey- Minimal effort. This is the warm up level where your body is just starting to get moving. Not ideal for fat burn, time to turn up the intensity.

Blue/Green- The sweet spots for your body to burn the most calories from fat!

Yellow- The intensity is picking up. This zone helps you take in more oxygen and supply it to your working muscles, so it’s ideal for interval training or strength/functional training, as well as a great place to be if you’re looking to build up endurance. You will burn more calories here, but if you are in the yellow for an excessive amount of time you aren’t burning as many calories from fat.

Red- On a scale of perceived exertion, you’ll be at a 9 out of 10 in the red zone. If your goal is weight loss, the red zone should be used in shorter intervals. You will burn the most overall calories in this zone, but you won’t be targeting fat as your fuel source. So be sure to enter this zone wisely!


<h3> The App

The Myzone app is designed for any smartphone model and is a great way to remotely track your progress and engage with fellow Myzone users to create your own fitness community. You can also find built-in challenges, list your personal goals, and keep track of all your workouts.


<h3> The Models

Myzone offers two belt models, the MZ-1 and the MZ-3. The MZ-1 is the basic level belt that works great for in club workouts, and the MZ-3 is the more advanced belt that can be used anywhere.

Talk to your local Snap Fitness about getting set up with a Myzone Band!


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