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Turmeric Health Benefits

2015-04-06 | By: Snap Fitness

Turmeric, also known as the Golden Spice, has been used in ancient India to help prevent many common illnesses. Add it to a chicken marinade, sprinkle some on your egg salad sandwich, or stir into any traditional Indian dish. It only takes 0.5-3 grams/day to reap all of the benefits from this classic peppery spice! Pick up turmeric from your local grocery store in the spice aisle.


Here are the benefits of adding turmeric to your diet:


1. Anti-Inflammation. Curcumin, one of the main compounds in turmeric, is known to match the effectiveness of some anti-inflammatory drugs.


2. Reduce risk of Iron deficiency. One serving of turmeric contains 15 percent of your daily iron needs.


3. Reduce Osteoarthritis and other joint pain. Some research shows that taking turmeric extract works as well as ibuprofen for reducing Osteoarthritis pain.


4. Reduce risk of heart disease. Turmeric adds flavor to your food without adding any extra sodium. This helps keep your blood pressure low and your heart healthy!


5. Help maintain weight loss goals. With only 24 Calories in 1 tbsp, turmeric adds flavor to your meal without drastically increasing the Calories.


6. Preserve bone strength. Turmeric contains 17 percent of your daily value of manganese, a trace mineral that helps keep your bones strong.


7. May protect brain health. Some may think it is an urban legend, but others believe turmeric helps prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

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