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2015-03-19 | By: Snap Fitness

Up for a triathlon? I know what you’re thinking … “My Snap doesn’t have a pool!” Neither does mine! You don’t need one to do this workout. A triathlon is a single sport. Don’t think of it as swimming, biking, and running; it’s really a swim-bike-run event where each section depends on the fitness and performance in the other sections to maximize the workout. It is a great challenge and can be an excellent change of pace for those runners, cyclists, or athletes who are looking for a new challenge.


Start with some easy stretching and light walking to get warmed up. Ten minutes should be good for most people.


Next, get a stopwatch or use your phone to get a total time for this Snap Fitness Dry-Land Triathlon. Tracking your progress tells you how you’re improving and where you need to work still, so make sure you record your time.


1)    Swim: Because we don’t have a pool, we want to simulate the arm fatigue and cardio that swimming provides with weights and some low-impact cardio.

a.    50 lateral raises with some light dumbbells (5, 8, or 10 pounds)

b.    10 jumping jacks

c.    15 push-ups

d.    10 jumping jacks

e.    20 pull-ups or assisted pull-ups

f.     10 jumping jacks

g.    50 frontal raises with some light dumbbells (5, 8, or 10 pounds)


2)    Bike: Once you’ve finished the swim section, it’s bike time.

a.    Hop on one of the spin, regular, or recumbent bikes at your club and cover five miles as fast as you can!

b.    Feel free to adjust the resistance up or down to get the right feel

c.    On your own personal 1-10 difficulty scale, try to make this an 8+.


3)    Run: After your swim and bike are done, let’s finish it off with a run.

a.    Try to cover two miles at fast as you can!

b.    You can run, jog, or run-walk according to how you’re feeling and your current fitness level.


Once all three legs of your “Snap Fitness Dry-Land Triathlon” are done, stop your timer and record your time! Don’t forget to stretch after this workout. Try to limit your breaks between each section to as short as possible. Have fun and if you enjoy this workout, think about upping the ante and trying a real triathlon this summer!



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