Top Cinnamon Benefits

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Cinnamon is a natural spice that can be added and used in many foods and drinks. Its benefits include treating cramps, indigestion, and colds. It doesn’t take much to absorb the benefits…just a ½ teaspoon a day!



 Here are the benefits of adding cinnamon to your diet:


1.     Lowers blood sugar, which can help treat Type 2 diabetes


2.     Lowers the bad cholesterol (LDL)


3.     Is a natural food preservative that kills bacteria


4.     Is valuable for cognitive function and memory can be boosted by simply smelling the cinnamon aroma


5.     Improves energy and circulation


6.     Reduces inflammation


7.     Is a headache and migraine remedy


8.     Helps to prevent blood clots


9.     Clears acne


10.    Is beneficial for digestion and regularity


11.    Is an anti-depressant


12.    Is high in manganese, calcium, iron, and fiber




Side note: This is not a “go ahead” for Cinnabon.