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Tips to Becoming a Better Runner

2016-11-15 | By: Snap Fitness

Whether you’re just getting started or have been running for months and are ready to train for a longer race, we've got some tips to help make you a better runner!


Pace Every Run

Start each run at a speed where you can easily have a conversation with a running partner. If you start gasping for air, slow down. This helps you finish each run with ease, feeling like you could even go a little further.

If you are new to running, walk during part of the run. Start with three 20-minute run/walks a week. Then each week, run more than you’re walking until you can run 20-30 minutes without stopping or walking.


Get Faster

If you’re trying to get faster, incorporate tempo runs. Before doing a speed workout, make sure your body has adjusted to the stress running causes.

Once a week, try running for 20-seconds as fast as you can. Then slow down to a pace where you can carry on a conversation for at least two minutes. You can also walk for a few minutes if you’re winded. Adding hills into your runs can also make you faster. Try 30-second dashes up a hill. A combination of sprinting bursts and hills incorporated into your workouts will help you to run faster mile times.


Get Stronger by not Running Every Day

Running puts stress on your muscles, bones, joints and ligaments. The more you run, the stronger these parts of you will get. In saying this, running every day can increase your chances of getting injured. The key is finding a sweet spot so your body has time to recover and also grow stronger.


If you’re a new runner, a good goal is three runs a week. If you’re feeling tired, it’s better to skip a run. Two strong runs are better than squeezing in a third when your body is sore. This rule also applies for the number of miles you’re running each week. If you go on a long run and your body is still sore when it’s time for your next run, it’s better to skip the run than to risk injury.



Recovery days are just as important as the days you go out and run. Off days allow your muscles to recover, which will help you become fitter and faster. Running on tired legs can drain you and hurt your results on the next run. Letting your body rest also minimizes the risk of injury and if you’re hurt, becoming a better runner is going to be very difficult.


What tips or tricks have you found to make you a better runner?



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