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Tips For Relieving Muscle Soreness

2014-07-15 | By: Snap Fitness

When muscle tissue is damaged, you may feel soreness for the next couple of days. Although sore muscles can be annoying, they mean you’re getting stronger. If it gets to be unbearable or getting in the way of everyday activity try the methods below to relieve soreness faster.



Making sure you’re hydrated is extremely important! This is especially true when you’re recovering from a workout.  Since the human body is made up of approximately 75% water, it’s crucial you get eight 8-ounce glasses of water a day.



Within the 30-minute post-workout window you should eat a protein with a small amount of carbohydrate filled snack. Check out our Protein Packed Recipe board on Pinterest for ideas. 


Light Massage

Massaging a sore muscle can help reduce tightness while promoting blood flow which helps speed recovery. We suggest using a foam roller.


Gentle Stretching

When muscles are in recovery mode they tend to tighten up, intensifying feelings of soreness. Slow, gentle stretching of the area will relieve that tight feeling and diffuse the pain.


Alternating Hot to Cold Showers

Alternating cold and hot showers is a great method to help flush out toxins and lactic acid. Try taking a shower doing 3-5 rounds of 30 seconds of cold water followed by 1 minute of hot water.



Your body’s natural production of muscle-building chemicals increases during deep stages of sleep. Get at least seven hours of sleep to promote muscle building.



Take a day in between workouts if necessary. Like sleep, rest promotes the repair and growth of muscle tissue.


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