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Three Fitness Costume Ideas for Halloween

2013-10-14 | By: Snap Fitness

In just a few short weeks, people from all over the world will dress up in their scariest, funniest and weirdest costumes for trick-or-treating and Halloween celebrations. 

While having all sorts of candy and Halloween treats constantly floating around during the month of October can be challenging, we’ve got some fitness-themed costume ideas that might give you some extra motivation to keep up with your fall workout routine while being the hit of your next Halloween bash!

Knock-Out Boxer

You can go a few ways on this one. On one hand, you could go the Rocky route, complete with the robe, boxing trunks, and gloves. For this look, we would like to recommend the optional well-feathered Sly Stallone 1978 hair, and if you have a Russian friend, that costume pretty much plans itself.

The other option is the Katy Perry look, which is definitely a little more intense, and shows a lot more skin. Musical ability optional.

Tennis Star

This is probably the easiest fitness-themed costume there is. Step 1: Find headband. Step 2: Pull up knee-socks. Step 3: Carry racket. Boom – costume.

The tennis star look is easy for men or women to pull off, and can be kicked up a notch by adding in either a tennis skirt or some short-shorts. Time for squats!

Richard Simmons

Timeless. He’s one part curly wig, one part tank top, and all parts sass. Grab some wristbands and white sneakers and you’re almost there. However, just remember that no one wants a sad-sack Richard Simmons at their party, so make sure you keep up that enthusiasm!

No matter what your plans are for Halloween, these fitness-themed outfits will be a gentle reminder to drop the fun-sized candy bar and keep up your workouts this October.

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