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The MetaBoost Workout

2015-01-13 | By: Snap Fitness

This workout is meant to enable you to stay on track during those holiday months or any time of year when life seems to get in the way. It can be difficult to stay disciplined week in and week out; however, this workout will help maintain your strength gains as well as improve your cardiovascular performance while maximizing time efficiency.  Push hard and you will see drastic improvements to your metabolic output.


To complete this workout, take breaks only as necessary and remember that when you finish is completely dependent on how fast you go. Only give yourself about 30 seconds in between each set, if needed. The faster you go, the faster it is done!


After a 5-10 minute warm-up, complete five rounds as quickly as possible!


Dumbbell Push-up Into Plank Row (x 20 repetitions)


In plank position, lower body to the ground in a push-up. As you return to start position, hold a plank and pull one dumbbell up to the chest and then the other. Repeat and try to keep hips square during the row. Start on toes and drop to knees if necessary.


Kettle Bell or Dumbbell Swings (30 seconds)


Place feet outside shoulder width with toes pointed slightly out. Push hips back and then drop straight down into a squat position. Drive hard through the heels to power the kettle bell or dumbbell up overhead. As the weight descends, sit into a squat and repeat.


Treadmill 1.4 Mile Incline Sprint (Incline at 6.5-8.5)


Put the speed as fast as possible for 1.4 mile.


Mountain Climbers (x 20 repetitions each side)


In push-up position, alternate knees coming in to the chest as fast as possible.


100-Meter Row Sprint


Set the resistance as heavy as you can while maintaining proper posture for 100 meters.


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