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The Hunger Games Workout

2013-11-22 | By: Snap Fitness

Prepare to compete in the 75th Annual Hunger Games by knowing the strengths, weaknesses and training styles of your competitors. You will be required to build stamina, strength, flexibility and agility in order to survive as Victor! Tour the districts and learn more about their industries along the way.


To start: Complete 5 minutes on a cardio piece of your choice. The workout was designed on an Octane Elliptical but, you can choose from any piece of cardio equipment - as long as you have space behind the equipment to perform the strength interval. Also, choose a pair of dumbbells that will challenge you to complete 20 total repetitions with good form. 



After completing the 5 minute warm up:


20 reps – Jump Squats (District 13 - Nuclear Power Industry)


Though we don’t recognize District 13 in our Annual Hunger Games celebration, we’ll pay them recognition by performing the “Jump Squat”. Start with feet shoulder-width apart and squat down so your knees are bent at a 90 degree angle. Complete this move by jumping up high reaching towards the ceiling.




1min – Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Coal Digger Twist (District 12 – Coal Industry)


The citizens of District 12 are constantly working their bodies down in the mines. We can learn from their example by performing the “Coal Digger Twist”. Hold the dumbbell overhead firmly and lower it down to one side as you lower into a squat. Go back to the starting position and repeat on the opposite side. Alternate for 20 total repetitions on each side.  



1min – Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Bent-Over Row (District 11 – Agriculture)


Simulating the field work that the people of District 11 do daily, give your back, core and biceps a good workout with the “Bent-Over Row”. Bend your knees slightly while holding two dumbbells. Lower your arms toward the floor. Keep your back straight, pull your arms back and squeeze your shoulder blades together. Return to starting position and repeat.



1min – Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Wrangler Twist (District 10 – Livestock)


Controlling herds of cattle is no easy feat and no one knows that better than the hard workers of District 10. Simulate one of their most strenuous tasks by trying the “Wrangler Twist”. Lunge one foot forward while holding a single dumbbell firmly in front of you. Move it from side-to-side at a comfortable speed, engaging your torso and obliques as you alternate.



1min -  Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Plank Row (District 9 – Grain, Agriculture)


Fellow District 9 tributes can get a good arm workout from harvesting. Lean forward with one hand planted on your cardio machine or weight bench. Fully extend your arm with dumbbell in hand, then bring it to your side, squeezing your shoulder blade as you go. Return to starting position and repeat for 10 reps. Complete 10 repetitions with the opposite arm.



1min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Press It (District 8 – Textiles)


Spending your days in a factory like the people of District 8, you’re likely to use your arms repetitively. While this might be aggravating work, it can lead to impressive upper-body strength. Setup in a plank position with one dumbbell under each hand. Maintain torso length and strength. Lower down into a pushup. As you press up, pull one dumbbell up to the side.  Repeat the pushup and the pull with the opposite arm.



1min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Back Lunge Break (District 7 – Lumber)


Workout like the lumberjacks of District 7 by trying out the “Back Lunge Break”. Hold one dumbbell with two hands above your head. As you lunge forward, bring the dumbbell down to your side as if you were chopping wood. Repeat this move alternating legs.




1min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Jump Lunges (District 6 – Transportation)


Like the citizens of District 6’s transportation industries, we know that our bodies take a lot of momentum to keep up with our competition! Jump high in the air landing in a lunge position. From there, jump back up in the air while switching leg positions and lunging with the opposite leg. Use your arms to help keep your balance.



1min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Power Pushup (District 5 – Power)


Use your body’s internal energy by dropping down to all fours and performing a “Power Pushup”. In a plank position with hands together, lower into a pushup. As you pushup, try to “jump” your hands apart. Lower into a pushup and land with your hands together. Repeat for 20 reps. 



1 min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Fly Bridge (District 4 – Fishing)


The Fishermen of District 4 know that reeling in the largest catch means having good arm strength while maintaining a decent core! Lie down and lift up your seat while balancing your body using your upper back and feet. Holding two dumbbells, allow your arms to stretch out to the sides (with a slight bend in them). Pull hands together to engage the chest and return to the starting position. 



1min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Squat with Tricep Kickback (District 3 – Mechanical Power)


Simulate the tinkerers of District 3 by trying the “Squat Tricep Kickback”. Squat down in your invisible chair while holding two dumbbells. Channel your inner mechanic by alternating each dumbbell behind your back to give your triceps a good workout.



1min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Bricklayer Blast (Push Press) (District 2 – Masonry)


The tributes from District 2 will have excellent upper-body and arm strength from years of masonry work and you should too! Practice with the “Bricklayer Blast” technique by squatting down and holding two dumbbells to either side like a shoulder press. Squat down and lower the dumbbells toward your shoulders. Stand up as you press the dumbbells overhead. Repeat.



1min - Elliptical sprint to next district


20 reps – Posh Press (District 1 – Luxury Items)


The tributes from District 1 are trained fighters. Show them what you’ve got by mastering the “Posh Press”. Stabilize your legs by placing one foot in front of you, and one behind, holding two dumbbells at your chest, ready for battle. Punch one dumbbell forward, pull it back to your chest and repeat by alternating sides. 



Now you’re ready to compete in the Games! Try these workouts again and challenge yourself next time by adding more weight and reps! With dedication and persistence, you too can stand a chance in life’s arena. May the odds of a fantastic workout be ever in your favor!

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