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The Dirty Dozen Workout

2015-02-20 | By: Snap Fitness

Often times I see people trying to incorporate eight exercises or more in a circuit for a workout. While circuit training has many benefits and I do use this style of training with many of clients, this time of year can prove to be very difficult to maintain the pace needed to have an effective workout. Finding space and time to complete this workout will not be a problem.  


This workout will greatly improve muscular endurance and cardiovascular function, strengthen muscles, and burn a tremendous amount of calories. Include this workout in your routine a couple times a week to reset your metabolism and burn fat.



For this workout, super set each pair of exercises (back and forth between the two), completing repetitions in descending order starting at 12 and ending at 1 for each exercise. For example, complete 12 repetitions for exercise 1, then complete 12 repetitions for exercise 2. Go right back to exercise 1 and do 11 repetitions and then 11 for exercise 2, all the way down to one repetition of each.


Group A

Exercise 1: Pushups

Exercise 2: Kneeling Overhead Shoulder Press. In a kneeling position, press dumbbells overhead. They should be lighter than your regular overhead press.


Group B

Exercise 1: Pull-ups. If you can’t do body weight pullups, use an assisted pullup machine. Try to keep the weight the same throughout.

Exercise 2: Plank to Row. In a plank position with hands on the dumbbells, pull one dumbbell up to the side of the body while maintaining body position square to the ground. Alternate side to side.


Group C

Exercise 1: Jump Squats

Exercise 2: Mountain Climbers


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