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The Difference Between Treat & Snack

2013-07-03 | By: Snap Fitness

So often the choices we make within our diet are based on convenience and taste.  While a snack is typically categorized under something you need to grab and go, it should also be nutritious. Somehow snack has become synonymous with treat.


My kids are a great example.  They are hungry, their blood sugar is dropping, they want something to tie them over until mealtime, and they want it “Now!”  Though they know that they can’t have candy bars, cakes and other junk food for a snack, but they usually try to con me into things such as crackers, sugary granola bars, or chips. 


Guess what, those crackers, bars and chips are treats.  They are void of nutritional value, full of sugar, and far from “real food.”  So, what are the alternatives?  I won’t let them go hungry and I know they want something quick and tasty. There must be a compromise.


For yourself or your family, it comes down to a little know-how and a little planning. It’s simple really – a snack is something that is healthy and enjoyed daily, a treat should be left for special occasions.


Here are some of my favorite snacks that offer protein, vitamins and minerals, fiber and most important – taste!


Fruit with Peanut butter. 

If on the go, a piece of fruit (always a portable option) and a handful of nuts


Yogurt with oats, raisins, and nuts

Look for Yogurt that is low in sugar.  For myself and my family, I choose plain and “flavor” it with fruit, nuts, seeds, etc.


Beef Sticks

Look for organic, grass-fed, and high in protein sticks


Peanut Butter Packs

Kids love them plus, they are full of good-for-you fats


Cheese Sticks 

String pulling goodness that is high in calcium, protein, and low in fat


Convenience doesn’t have to mean something processed, loaded with sugar, and full of artificial ingredients.  Redefine your definition of snack and align it with the same healthy choices you would make for meals.  This will help you and your family get on the right track to better health!


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