The Deltoid Triple Threat

Snap Fitness

If you want sculpted and defined shoulders, then you need to work all three areas of the deltoid muscle. Yes, that's right — the shoulder is actually made up of three individual muscles: anterior deltoid (the front part), medial deltoid (the middle part), and the posterior deltoid (the back part of the shoulder).


I call this workout the Deltoid Triple Threat. It's a double combination of three exercises to be performed in a super-set fashion for a total of three sets with a 30-second rest in between each set. This means that you will perform the first three exercises with very little or no rest. When you have completed all three exercises, then rest for 30 seconds before attacking set number two. When you have done the first three exercises three times through, then it's time to move on to the next group of three exercises.   


Exercise Set 1:

-Dumbbell shoulder press

-Dumbbell lateral raise

-Dumbbell bent-over fly


Exercise Set 2:

-Dumbbell front raises

-Unilateral cable lateral raise

-Cable face pulls with a rope