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The Best Pre and Post-Workout Fuel

2014-04-10 | By: Snap Fitness

Eating before and after your workout is a must! However, you shouldn’t eat the same thing both pre and post-workout. Did you know your mini-meals should differ a little depending on your type of exercise?


Use this helpful guide in determining what you should eat when:


High-Intensity Cardio

Pre-Workout: Don’t stuff yourself before running! Go for easily-digested carbs and a little bit of protein. We recommend a banana with one tablespoon of peanut butter. The banana is a great source of energy to keep your performance high and has potassium to prevent cramping. The protein and fat in peanut butter will keep you satiated for the tough workout.

Post-Workout: Whew! Your body is spent after sprinting. If you don’t refuel within 45 minutes, your body burns muscle tissue instead of fat. Boost your glycogen levels and feed your muscles with a carbohydrate-protein combo. We recommend eight to 12 ounces of chocolate milk. It’s like you’re a little kid again!


Total-Body Strength Training

Pre-Workout: Have a balanced combination of carbohydrates and protein. We recommend a whey protein shake with fruit. Simply shake or blend, and you’re good to go!

Post-Workout: Replenish the hard-working muscles you worked with a carbohydrates, protein, and a little fat. A parfait is perfect! Try a cup of plain nonfat Greek yogurt, one tablespoon of cacao seeds, and a sliced banana. 


Combination of Strength and Cardio

Pre-Workout: If you’re doing both strength and cardio training, carbohydrates are needed for energy and stamina, and protein for muscle repair. You’ll need a snack rich in both. Eat plain Greek yogurt with fruit and a 1/4 cup granola an hour before your workout.

Post-Workout: Both complex and simple carbohydrates are needed to boost your glycogen levels. You also need (you guessed it!) protein for muscle repair. Do one scoop of whey protein mixed with 1/2 cup of oatmeal.


What’s your favorite pre or post-workout snack? Let us know on Facebook and Twitter!

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