Tea Time

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Tea is great for warming you up in the winter and keeping you cool and hydrated in the summer. But did you know that various types of teas can improve your health at the same time as quenching your thirst? Next time you need a pick-me-up, reach for one of the teas below!


Feeling Sluggish?

Peppermint tea will help to wake you up and give you a boost of fresh energy.


Angry or Upset?

Green tea can help you calm down and ease your irritability. The theanine helps you to maintain clear concentration and focus.



Chamomile tea will help to reduce inflammation that may be causing the pain.



Cinnamon tea has magnesium and iron, which can help aid head pain. Additionally, the calming smell of cinnamon can help to relieve tension.



 Ginger tea has been used to calm upset stomachs for thousands of years.


Sore throat?

Lemon tea can help relinquish the mucus that may be building up and aggravating your throat.


Can’t Sleep?

Passionflower tea has light sedative qualities that can help you fall asleep sooner.


Have a cough?

Thyme tea will help to ease the pain of a coughing fit. The thyme helps to reduce the movement in the bronchial tubes and will help with the discomfort that a cold brings.