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Superfood of the Week: Blueberries

2014-03-04 | By: Snap Fitness

Blueberries are little low-fat fruits that pack a ton of health benefits. They should absolutely be part of your meal plan. You can eat them a variety of ways: plain; on cereal, yogurt, or oatmeal; and they are the perfect addition in muffins, smoothies, and pancakes. The possibilities are endless! 


Here are five reasons why blueberries are the essential Superfood:


1. Improve heart health: Blueberries have a high fiber content, which helps get rid of LDL (or the “bad cholesterol”) that is a key factor in heart disease. 


2. Great source of Vitamin C: One serving (1/2 cup) of blueberries gives you almost 25 percent of your daily value! Vitamin C is beneficial for your vision; it reduces intra-ocular pressure and decreases your chances of getting glaucoma.


3. Better brain function: Blueberries help keep your memory sharp. They keep your central nervous system healthy and can even heal damaged brain cells.


4. Reduce cancer risk: Free radicals can cause cellular damage – a big factor in cancer development. Blueberries are rich in antioxidants and flavonoids; both keep free radicals in check.


5. Tons of antioxidant support: Blueberries have the highest antioxidant capacity of all fresh fruit. They’re rich in anthocyanin, vitamins (A, C, and E),  copper, iron, and zinc – which boost your immune system and prevent you from getting sick.

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