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Successful Tips to Wake Up Earlier

2016-12-23 | By: Snap Fitness

Stay away from the snooze button and reward yourself with the health benefits of waking up early. Even if you’re a night owl, these simple suggestions can turn you into an early riser.

One Day at a Time

Set a goal for the time you want to wake-up each morning and gradually work toward it. Start small by setting your alarm a few minutes earlier each night. This approach gives your body time to adjust and increases the likelihood of turning an earlier wake-up into a habit. Also, since you’re not shocking your system, you may not even notice those few minutes of missed slumber.


Motivate Yourself to Rise and Shine

While it’s just a few minutes and your body might adjust right away, it’s still a good idea to have a reason to get out of bed. Creating accountability puts something at stake and serves as motivation to get out of bed. You can do things like setting up early meetings. What’s at stake? Your job!


If a morning meeting sounds like you’ll wake up and dread the day, take a different approach. Do you enjoy that first cup of coffee? Set a timer so the coffee is brewing when you’re waking up. Maybe you have a fitness goal and mornings are the best time to achieve it?


Whatever motivates you, use it. Think about it this way: If your motivating factor isn’t pleasant, you’re going to associate waking up early as a punishment and this will hinder your chances of becoming a morning person.


Disconnect Before Bed

A critical component to waking up early is getting a good night of sleep. If we’re restless or staying up late, the snooze button is going to be appealing. In order to achieve sweet slumber, disconnect from your devices. The artificial light of these screens can interrupt our internal clock and interfere with our sleep. Instead, pick up a book or journal before bed. Both will help you power down.


Reap the Rewards

Once you’ve successfully reached your goal of getting up early, enjoy all the wonderful benefits. Waking up earlier means you have more time to do things and won’t feel rushed, which starts each day on the right foot.


Additionally, studies show that waking up earlier improves the performance of our memory, ability to perform tasks, makes us more alert and attentive to details. They also show, morning people tend to be in a better mood and are more productive.

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