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Success Story: Michele W.

2014-04-10 | By: Snap Fitness

Professional bodybuilder Michele W. always strives to be the best. She used that same mentality a year ago when she took over as Snap Fitness owner in Avon, CT.


“I wanted to do something unique,” Michele said. “I’m passionate about fitness and I’ve always believed that Snap Fitness provides all the tools you need to reach your fitness goals.”


Even before she took over ownership, Michele has always been a leader in the gym.  She was the first member of her Snap Fitness club and has long used the facilities to train for her body building competitions.   


“Members knew I was body builder and would always approach me while I was working out,” she said. “I loved being able to help them and offer them tips.”


The previous owner knew Michele was popular in the club. When he wanted to sell the club, he approached her to take over the helm. Michele had never thought about owning her own club, but believed it was important to have a locally owned gym in town.


“When I took over, it was a challenge, but that’s what happens when (another) gym opens up down the street,” she said. “Thankfully, I had incredible support both from the Snap Fitness corporate support team and my members.”


Michele wanted to try something new to bring people into her club and to have a positive impact on her community. Her idea? To use her experience as bodybuilder and her passion for helping others to make her club the best in town.


“What makes a facility special is the level of support,” Michele said. “I wanted to get creative and offer my members something unique.”


She ramped up her facilities personal training efforts and started offering members detailed nutrition tips. Taking it one step further, she started collaborating with local restaurants to place her own “Michele Approved” menus at their establishments. She also worked with the local grocery store to give customers personal “Michele Approved” grocery lists.


“I wanted to keep it fresh, keep it new,” she said. “In the end, it’s all about getting it out to the community and exposure; the more, the better.”


The exposure worked. She’s seen a steady increase in members each month, but the ultimate reward for Michele is seeing her community taking active steps to get fit and eat right.


“Am I proud? Absolutely!” she said. “I’ve worked hard, and it’s amazing to see the impact we’re having on our community.”


Want to inspire your community like Michele? Own your very own Snap Fitness today. Get started here.

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