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Success Story: Jack R.

2014-04-16 | By: Snap Fitness

After years of selling medical devices, Jack Riekhof needed a change. He decided he wanted to control his own destiny and be his own boss. He moved home to Starkville, MS, and was instantly drawn to Snap Fitness.


“I loved everything about Snap Fitness, “ Jack said. “From the 24/7 access to the idea of having no contracts, just the entire business plan (drew me in).”


Within a few months, he opened a Snap Fitness in his hometown. The excited new members expelled any reservation Jack had as a new business owner.


“It was very easy for us to open the club. Corporate helped us along the way, and we just followed their guide,” Jack said. “I was nervous, but we had over 200 members sign up in the first month and the nerves instantly disappeared.”


The success has continued for Jack. Each year, he’s made significant upgrades to his club; whether it be adding new equipment or expanding his club from 3,000 sq. ft. to over 6,000 sq. ft. Jack said he couldn’t have done it without having the Snap Fitness corporate team behind him.


“I love being a part of the Snap Fitness family,” he said. “Over the years, I’ve seen it grow and I’ve always been able to get support from Corporate.”


Even as other fitness facilities have opened up in Jack’s hometown, his club has remained strong. His advice for other owners is to be persistent and dedicated.


“You’ve got to be there,” Jack said. “It’s important for your members to see that you care and that you’re putting effort into it.”


Jack couldn’t be happier with his decision to change careers. As a father of three, he loves the flexibility that owning his own club gives him.


“There’s nothing like being your own boss,” Jack said. “There’s definitely a sense of pride you get owning your own business and creating something from nothing.”


The ultimate reward for Jack has been seeing the impact that his club’s had on his community.


“We’ve had more than 10 members lose 100 pounds or more,” he said. “To see that drastic of a change, that’s everything.”


If you’re interested in discovering the pride that comes with owning your own business and want to have a positive impact on your community, click here.

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