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Success Story: DeNece C. from CO

2014-04-27 | By: Snap Fitness

For most of her life, DeNece Crowe has prided herself on being in good shape. From her high school cheerleading days to training for marathons in her 40s, staying active has been a big part of DeNece’s life.


Running was DeNece’s primary workout in her 40s. She completed several half and full marathons – which is quite an accomplishment! However, DeNece was ready for a change at age 46.


“I took a serious look at myself. I was newly single, and my youngest child was leaving for college,” DeNece said. “I had a great career, but like so many women, I was haunted by the question ‘what’s next?’"


Her next move? Competing in a Figure Competition. To kickstart her new fitness plan, she joined the Snap Fitness in Montrose, CO and hired Personal Trainer Nik Obert. Nik taught DeNece how to eat clean, lift heavy, and live well.


“Nine months later, I stepped on stage and even took home a few trophies!” DeNece said.


With all the success DeNece had with Nik’s help, it’s no surprise her next move was to become a Snap Fitness personal trainer. 


“Snap Fitness is my home away from home,” DeNece said. “Life is good, and I know no matter what’s next, physical fitness will be a top priority."


Way to go, DeNece! We hope you are enjoying training others at Snap Fitness.

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