Success Spotlight: Sarah

Snap Fitness
Sarah joined Snap Fitness Auburn, IL in January of 2016 weighing 270lbs and wearing a size 18/20. She had gotten engaged a month before joining and was inspired to get in shape to look great for her wedding. She had a year and a half to prepare.
Sarah says there wasn’t an easy answer, a quick fix, magic pill, or a simple solution. But that the truth was changing her lifestyle by cutting out junk food and becoming more physically active. She ate healthy foods, not low carb or sugar free, but real foods like chicken, fish, ground turkey, fruits and vegetables. She also adopted an intensive fitness program of simple weight lifting and cardio. Sarah made her physical and mental health her top priority and stopped making excuses.
Sarah is now 188lbs and a size 8/10, down 82lbs! Sarah has found that this journey is now more about living a healthy lifestyle and less about only looking great on her wedding day. She's 8lbs away from her goal weight and says when she hits it she plans to continue her new lifestyle. Sarah says the best thing she’s ever done for herself was joining Snap Fitness and we are so happy she did. Way to go, Sarah!