Success Spotlight: Richard Broussard

Snap Fitness
Richard Broussard, a member of the Snap Fitness club in Dayton, Texas started his fitness journey in 2010 at his highest weight of 358 pounds. Richard has been a member of the Dayton club since their initial opening. His journey has been a long one of both successes and failures with dieting and excercise. Richard loves starting the day with a workout and finds that he has fewer excuses when he gets his workout done first thing in the morning. Richard thanks Snap Fitness for allowing him to develop a routine of early morning workouts. When Richard first began at Snap Fitness he couldn't even walk 20 minutes, and did not even think about running! Richard is now 64 and is a competitive runner, having ran over 30 races, including 10 marathons. Richard's key to success is focus, goal setting, visualization, and low carb eating. Now Richard is down to 185 pounds, almost 200 pounds less than he was at his heviest. Richard would like to thank Snap Fitness for being his partner in this journey. Thank you for being such an inspiration, Richard!