Success Spotlight: Lisa from Montrose

Snap Fitness

My relationship with Snap Fitness started with NO relationship. A few years ago, I won a free three-month pass to Snap Fitness as a door prize, and I was convinced the drawing was rigged because I was heavier than I’d ever been and I thought the people doing the drawing were trying to tell me to do something about my weight. I put the certificate in my junk drawer and stewed about it for several months, refusing to give in and go. Then an annual physical revealed that my cholesterol and blood pressure and fasting blood sugar were all at dangerously high levels.


So, I took a deep breath and redeemed my certificate. I weighed in at 228. The manager and club personal trainer at that time helped me come up with a work-out plan, and even gave me a few nutrition tips. I stuck with it – on and off. I had a series of serious physical problems (plantar fasciitis, broken ankle, concussion, back surgeries, etc.) that discouraged and sidelined me more than once...and always caused a bit of a weight gain. But I kept coming back to Snap.


That persistence paid off. All my “lab numbers” are now in a healthy range, and I weighed in this morning at 154 pounds, a 74-pound weight loss! I can’t say I feel better than ever, because now I’m only six weeks past a major back surgery and I’m sore, but I can always find things to do at Snap. When my foot was in a boot, I found I could pedal the recumbent bike. When I was walking with a walker after surgery, I came and walked slowly on the treadmill. I now use a cane, but I’m concentrating on my core and legs so I can ditch that thing. I’m not quite to my goal weight (based on a “normal” BMI), but I now have confidence I’ll get there! So, whether that drawing was rigged or not I’ll never know, but thanks for being a part of my journey to better health, Snap Fitness!