Success Spotlight: Kris from Alberta

Snap Fitness

Hi there! My name is Kris. This month will mark 2 years of my fitness journey. I got into working out when I was in a dark place in my last relationship that consisted of mental and emotional abuse. The gym was my only escape as we had moved 2 provinces away from my family and I had no one to talk to.

I took my anger, stress, and tears out at the gym every morning for almost 2 hours then after work I would go for another hour and a half. Fitness saved me from living in that dark place. It gave me the strength and confidence to finally leave with just my clothes in bags and what I had on my back.

Every storm ends and there is a light at the end of the tunnel. The light for me was my best friend and now the love of my life who is constantly supporting me in my dreams and my fitness. This is why I won’t ever give up on fitness. It’s not a hobby. It’s part of me every day.

And now being at Snap Fitness I have started a new goal. I am officially down 100 pounds and am aiming for another 20 pounds. With what this gym has to offer, I know that I will achieve my goals in no time.