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Success Spotlight: Keith "Temple" Trotter

2017-05-11 | By: Snap Fitness

Keith “Temple” Trotter’s life changed forever when a photo of him weighing 386 pounds showed up on his Facebook timeline. Since then "Temple" has lost over 160 pounds with Snap Fitness. He is passionate about helping people and organizations achieve sustainable, transformative change and his book about his journey, 100 Small Steps | The First 100 Pounds, is available at your local bookstore!


Temple states: As I get closer to my goal of losing a total of 200 pounds or more, I realize that the battle is much more psychological than physical so I have been focusing on five key concepts:

  1. Knowing and focusing on WHY I’m doing it. I'm doing this so that I don't cheat myself out of the best life and best me I can have.
  2. I am focused on surrounding myself with positive energy and rejecting all judgement and shame
  3. I know this last push is going to hurt, and I just have to get over it.
  4. I am embracing being held accountable. I weigh in and post my weight on my personal FB page along with my goals and trust me, when I slack, there are 1,100 people encouraging me to get back on track.
  5. I have partnered with professionals to know and track my numbers, get my nutrition in order, and crystallize the message so I can inspire others.


“Who is that,” was my immediate thought when a picture of me weighing 386 pounds showed up in my Facebook timeline in January of 2010. Needless to say, I was devastated. At first, I didn’t even recognize myself. I had been living in denial about my morbid obesity and now there it was front, center and brutally honest. I could no longer control the message in my mind. Reality was here, and it wasn’t pretty.


I wasn’t alone. A study released by the Center for Disease Control’s National Center for Health Statistics in 2012 outlined that I was among the 35% of American adults who could be classified as obese in 2009. Even more shocking, 17% of US children were obese as well. That’s approximately 91 million men women and children all with an exponentially increased risk for developing heart disease, strokes, and diabetes.


In my book, 100 Small Steps: The First 100 Pounds, I outline the psychological steps that were necessary for me to lose 168 pounds and effect sustainable, transformative change. In my journal notes, I found insights into unlocking my full human potential, breaking through years of dysfunctional coping mechanisms and sometimes crippling depression. There are in fact 100 steps, but they can all be summed up in the above five key points.


It has taken me five years to find and refine my “Why,” and just as long to implement these lessons as part of my daily life. Sometimes I fail and that’s totally OK because failure is part of the growth process. 

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