Success Spotlight: Hanna from Watertown, MN

Snap Fitness

Hanna knew that she was unhappy with the way her body looked and felt, so she decided to make changes in her diet and exercise routine. After joining the Snap Fitness in Watertown, MN, she has found herself on a much healthier, happier path. Learn more about her story here!


“My name is Hanna and I am 20 years old. I always saw myself as healthy and fit, but I would catch myself making excuses as to why I shouldn’t go to the gym or why I shouldn’t eat healthy. I figured working out once or twice a week was fine, but the reality was that I was not fine. I began to gain weight and I grew unhappy with my appearance. One day as I realized I didn’t fit into my old clothes I thought, 'If I’m gaining weight now, imagine what I will look like 20 years from now.'


After that experience, I began to work out daily. I also had to completely change my diet; no more eating out, no more frozen meals, and no more late-night snacks. I have found that after making these changes, I hardly ever crave bad foods anymore.


It did take a long time to see any changes in myself, but once I noticed them I could feel my confidence rising. The first change I noticed was physical activity becoming easier. I was suddenly able to walk up a flight of stairs without becoming winded. I noticed my favorite change when I put these two pictures together because I saw where I started compared to where I am today. I always remind myself not to have a goal weight or image, but rather a goal mindset to be 100 percent comfortable with who I am now, and who I am becoming.”