Success Spotlight: Brittany from Leduc

Snap Fitness

My name is Brittany, my fitness journey started at my heaviest weight. I was always active growing up but I was always chubby. It wasn't until I realized I was hiding in pictures and was ultimately ashamed of my body that I knew I needed to make a change. Feeling negatively about your body is not something a girl should ever feel. Our bodies are beautiful!

A friend and I started personal training and my mindset changed - I am in love with my fit lifestyle choice! Once I gained enough confidence in myself I started to come to snap regularly. The friendly faces at the gym have become a fantastic motivator and something I look forward to everyday. There are moments when progress is slow and it is truly difficult to find the motivation to continue. It is important to remember that progress is progress no matter how small. Don't wish for it, work for it! Thanks to my amazing support system, I've lost 30 pounds and 20.5 inches! I cannot wait to continue my journey and see where my newfound lifestyle takes me.