Striving For Balance

Snap Fitness

Maintaining a healthy balance in life is so important. But so is everything on your to-do list, or so it seems. Meetings, emails, errands, relationships, children, cooking, cleaning, and on and on. Something has to give. Just make sure that something isn’t your health.

Let us help. There are ways to make time in your life for the important things, with the most important being you. Try these strategies and see how you feel. We’re betting it will make the balancing act a bit more bearable.


  • Put Down the Devices. Disconnect for periods of time. It’s hard, we know. We’re all hooked on constant information. But try it, for even just a few hours a night. Put the phone down. Give your work brain a rest. 
  • Start Saying No. If you’re a pleaser, it’s not easy to do. But trust us on this, co-workers will survive if you can’t make Thursday’s happy hour. So will everyone else. Decline invitations that are not essential or doesn’t add something valuable to your life.
  • Avoid Toxic People. Minimize the negative influences around you. If you can’t completely avoid them, minimize contact. Surround yourself with positive, supportive, can-do people. You’ll feel better.
  • Try Something New. Try something that feels good to you but you weren’t sure you had time to do. You do have time. You could try meditating a few minutes a day. Or writing in a journal. Maybe hitting the mat for some yoga stretches. This is your time to give to yourself. Check in with a Snap trainer about some ideas that might work for you. You deserve it.
  • Nurture Relationships. This is the opposite of avoiding toxic people. Give more to the relationships that feed your soul. Connect deeply with the people you care about and see where that takes you.
  • Practice Self-Awareness. There’s no universal blueprint for achieving balance as we’re all different. The best first step is acknowledging that you’re seeking it. Everything will fall into place after that.  
  • Ditch the Multitasking. Multitasking is scientifically proven to inhibit productivity and heighten stress. Focus on one thing at a time.
  • Let Go of Control. We all want to feel in control of our lives. At the same time, putting the pressure on ourselves to try and control all aspects of our life is a recipe for imbalance and stress. Maintaining an outlook of flexibility is key to a balanced life.