Strength/Cardio Combo Workout

Snap Fitness

This is a great combination workout of strength and cardio for when you want a little bit of everything!

Start with a .5-mile warm-up of light to moderate jogging to get the heart rate up and muscles warm. 

Once the warm-up is done, the workout will proceed as follows:


Complete each exercise for 30 reps:


1. Chest press  (machine, dumbbell, smith)

2. Pull-up or Pull-down machine

3. Fit Ball crunches (hold at the top for a three-count squeeze)

4. Leg Press 

5. Push-up

6. Bicep curl plus overhead press combo (alternating arms or same time is fine)

7. Hang Clean

8. Lunges (15 each leg)

9. Cable twist abs (30 each side)


The twist in this workout is that you have a .25-mile run between each exercise!


Once you’ve finished each move, end with a .5-mile cool-down run if you’re tired or go as hard as you can to the finish if you’re feeling strong!


Total of: three miles covered and 300 reps!