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Strength and Endurance Workout

2014-10-06 | By: Snap Fitness

This workout will test your strength and endurance. You will feel your muscle fibers burning. Are you ready?


Push-up Pyramid Press is a challenging way to work your chest and your shoulders at the same time. With dumbbells in your hands, perform one push-up then immediately stand up on your knees and do a shoulder press using the neutral grip. Then it’s right back to the ground for two push-ups and two presses! Keep going until you complete 10 push-ups and 10 shoulder presses with little or no rest in between.


Fat Blast on an elliptical is a fabulous lower body and cardio workout all in one! Start out on a lower level (somewhere between a 3 and a 5, depending on the machine and your fitness level). Go for two minutes then squat down for 30 seconds. Stand up and lean back — putting the focus on the hamstrings for 30 seconds. Immediately put your feet toward the front of the paddles and lean forward with hands tucked up behind the head of the machine. Drive your knees forward like you are sprinting for one minute. Recover on a level 3 to 5  for two minutes then repeat this sequence for 20 minutes.


Warm-up: Walk on flat treadmill for five minutes at a  moderate speed then jog for two minutes. Do arm crosses and toe touches for stretching.


Workout: Push-up Pyramid Press

Rest one/two minutes

Ascending/descending Lat Pulls, 10 reps each (go up in weight four times then go back down in weight four times with little or no rest in between)

Rest one minute 

Three sets of BB 28s with stability ball (long arm crunches to 40 – keep feet close together!)

20-minute fat blast on elliptical


Cool-down: Stay on elliptical level 1 for 2 minutes going very slowly to bring heart rate down. Finish with light static stretching.


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