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Staying Healthy and Active While Traveling

2015-10-14 | By: Snap Fitness

Business travelers, weekend getaways, and extended vacations can all wreak havoc on your fitness regimen, healthy eating choices, and immune system. If good health and wellness are lifestyle priorities for you (as they should be!), we have seven tips to stay healthy and active while traveling.


Strengthen your immune system: A few days before your trip, start adding a dose of Vitamin C or probiotics to your daily regimen. It isn’t scientifically proven to keep you from getting sick, but if boosting your immune system has worked in the past, we suggest it!


Pick up a bottle of water before boarding: Staying hydrated is important when it comes to staying healthy. Pick up a bottle of water (or two) to sip on while waiting to travel.


Healthy snacks for the win: Rather than opting for cookies and pretzels offered by the airline, ask for nuts! Even better, bring along your own healthy trail mix, fruit, or pick up a yogurt on your way to the flight.


Pack items for a healthy carry on: Tuck hand sanitizer, disinfecting wipes, nasal spray, and a personal travel pillow into your carry on. Items like these will help you kill germs on a long flight, train trip, and when you get to your final destination.


Use hand sanitizer throughout your trip: Grab for the hand sanitizer after touching areas used by lots of people. This includes handles to open doors, overhead compartments, and magazines in back pockets. Keep this in mind while riding buses, subways, and taxis too! Although these trips are typically shorter and leave you less vulnerable to the spread of germs, use hand sanitizer after using public transportation.


Consider staying downtown: Keep moving while traveling by booking a hotel that is walk-able to plenty of activities. Bring along portable music and headphones to turn a trip to get morning coffee into a run or brisk walk. If your hotel doesn’t have a gym, seek out a local fitness class or consider a day pass to squeeze in a workout while away.


Tours and trips to keep active: Before heading out of town, search online for bike tours and trips to see the sites of your final destination. Depending on your destination, there could be plenty of hiking opportunities, kayaking destinations, and more.


How do you stay healthy and active while traveling? Leave your tips and tricks on the Snap Fitness Facebook Page

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