Stay Motivated This Holiday Season!

Snap Fitness

The holidays are right around the corner, which means you’ll be busier than ever with work, school, family, and friends. This time of year always fills your calendar up with social gatherings and (most likely) your belly up with baked goods and hot drinks. With such fun festivities going on, it may be difficult to carve out time for the gym. Think of it this way: the calories you’re consuming at parties will add up if you aren’t keeping up with your fitness routine.


Here are three tips that will help you get your workouts in during the next few weeks:


Keep a log. Just like you write down your daily or weekly schedule, you should do the same for your workouts. Be specific. If Monday is Leg Day, note it as so. This also works for your daily food intake. Sure, we all have moments of weakness – it’s hard to resist the holiday cookies sitting out in the office break room! By writing what you eat down, you can see everything your consuming and know if you’ve had too many treats for the day. One cookie = 10 burpees!


Get a personal trainer. If you’ve been on the fence about enlisting a personal trainer, this is the perfect time to start! A personal trainer will get you on an official workout plan. It’s results-based, so you can clearly define what you want to improve on. Since you pay for sessions, you’re blowing your money away if you’re blowing off workouts. Personal trainers will hold you accountable and keep you focused on your fitness goals.


Find a gym buddy. You don’t have to be at a party to be social! Set up gym dates with your friends. Grab two treadmills side-by-side and catch up while logging a few miles. Your friends are great motivators; they support you already and won’t let you give up. This is another way to hold both yourself and your gym buddy accountable. Don’t let each other skip out!